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matriculate to enroll or be enrolled in an organization, esp. a college or university. [2 definitions]
matrilineal pertaining to, derived from, or tracing descent through the mother's family.
matrimonial of or relating to marriage; conjugal; marital.
matrimony the act, ceremony, or sacrament of marriage. [2 definitions]
matrimony vine a thorny shrub of the nightshade family that is cultivated for its foliage, small pink flowers, and red berries; boxthorn.
matrix an environment that gives form to or provides for the origin or development of something. [5 definitions]
matron a married woman, usu. of mature age, with an established and dignified position in the community. [2 definitions]
matron of honor a married woman serving as the bride's chief attendant at a wedding.
matte having a finish lacking in shine and luster; dull. [3 definitions]
matted1 tangled together in a dense mass or clump. [2 definitions]
matted2 having a dull, matte finish.
matter all substances that occupy space and can be seen, otherwise sensed, or measured; material stuff of the universe. [8 definitions]
matter of course an event that is logically or naturally expected to occur.
matter-of-course occurring in the normal or logical course of events; inevitable; routine. [2 definitions]
matter-of-fact concerned with facts; unimaginative or literal. [2 definitions]
Matthew one of the twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, traditionally regarded as the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament. [2 definitions]
matting1 a rough or coarse fabric made of hemp, straw, or the like, and used for making mats and other protective coverings. [2 definitions]
matting2 a dull, often rough surface, or the process of creating such a surface, as on a metal. [2 definitions]
mattock a tool with a flat blade fixed at a right angle on one side and an axlike blade on the other, used for digging and loosening soil.
mattress a large rectangular pad consisting of a strong fabric filled with soft material such as fiber, hair, straw, or foam rubber, and used as a cushion to sleep on. [2 definitions]
maturate to ripen or mature. [2 definitions]