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meadow rue any of a genus of perennial plants of the buttercup family that have ruelike leaves and bear clusters of small, white, yellow, or purple flowers.
meadowsweet any of several spireas bearing pink or white flowers. [2 definitions]
meager low in quantity, extent, strength, or richness; scanty or feeble. [2 definitions]
meal1 an occasion when food is prepared and eaten at a specific time. [2 definitions]
meal2 coarsely ground grain, such as corn.
mealie in South Africa, corn or maize, or an ear of such.
meal ticket a ticket entitling the bearer to one or more meals at a specified cafeteria or restaurant, esp. at a lower price.
mealtime the customary time for eating a meal.
mealy having the qualities or characteristics of meal. [3 definitions]
mealybug any of several destructive, soft-bodied, scalelike insects that secrete a white, powdery, waxy protective coating.
mealy-mouthed not candid and direct in speech, usu. out of fear of offending others.
mean1 to intend to denote or express. [9 definitions]
mean2 ill-tempered or showing malice or lack of kindness. [5 definitions]
mean3 something halfway between two extremes. [4 definitions]
mean business to intend definite and serious action.
meander to wind in broad curves, as a river. [3 definitions]
mean deviation a measure of variability, esp. in a statistical distribution, that is equal to the average of the absolute values of a set of deviations from the arithmetic mean or some other specified value.
mean distance the arithmetic average of the greatest and least distances of a planet from the sun, used to describe the size of the planet's orbit.
meanie (informal) a mean or selfish person (often used ironically).
meaning definition or signification; sense. [5 definitions]
meaningful full of meaning or significance.