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meal2 coarsely ground grain, such as corn.
mealie in South Africa, corn or maize, or an ear of such.
meal ticket a ticket entitling the bearer to one or more meals at a specified cafeteria or restaurant, esp. at a lower price.
mealtime the customary time for eating a meal.
mealy having the qualities or characteristics of meal. [3 definitions]
mealybug any of several destructive, soft-bodied, scalelike insects that secrete a white, powdery, waxy protective coating.
mealy-mouthed not candid and direct in speech, usu. out of fear of offending others.
mean1 to intend to denote or express. [9 definitions]
mean2 ill-tempered or showing malice or lack of kindness. [5 definitions]
mean3 something halfway between two extremes. [4 definitions]
mean business to intend definite and serious action.
meander to wind in broad curves, as a river. [3 definitions]
mean deviation a measure of variability, esp. in a statistical distribution, that is equal to the average of the absolute values of a set of deviations from the arithmetic mean or some other specified value.
mean distance the arithmetic average of the greatest and least distances of a planet from the sun, used to describe the size of the planet's orbit.
meanie (informal) a mean or selfish person (often used ironically).
meaning definition or signification; sense. [5 definitions]
meaningful full of meaning or significance.
meaningless empty of meaning or value; purposeless.
meanly in a lowly or humble manner. [2 definitions]
meanness the state or characteristic of being vicious or inhumane. [2 definitions]
means (used with a sing. verb) a method, way, or agency used to reach a goal or accomplish something. [2 definitions]