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mechanic a worker skilled in the production, use, and esp. repair of tools, machinery, and motors.
mechanical consisting of or pertaining to machinery. [8 definitions]
mechanical advantage the ratio of the output force exerted by a mechanism to the input force applied to it, used to rate the performance of a machine.
mechanical drawing descriptive precision drawing, often to scale, that is done with the aid of such implements as T squares, compasses, and French curves; drafting. [2 definitions]
mechanician a person skilled in building, using, or repairing machines.
mechanics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of physics that deals with the motion of bodies and the effect of physical forces on them. [3 definitions]
mechanism the structure, parts, or whole assemblage of a machine or mechanical system or device. [4 definitions]
mechanistic of or pertaining to the theory that everything in the universe is the result of physical forces. [3 definitions]
mechanize to equip with machinery or motorized conveyances. [3 definitions]
mechanotherapy the treatment of injuries, disease, or malformation by mechanical devices, massage, or the like.
Mechlin lace a fine Belgian bobbin lace with a raised cord that outlines the design.
med. abbreviation of "medical," of or relating to the study or practice of medicine. [2 definitions]
medal a flat piece of metal, in varying shapes and with an appropriate design or inscription stamped on it, used as an award or as a commemorative or religious object.
medalist a designer or maker of medals. [3 definitions]
medallion a large medal or something that resembles one. [2 definitions]
medal play a type of golf competition in which the total number of strokes taken by each side determines the score. (Cf. match play.)
meddle to interfere in matters concerning someone else, without authorization or request. [2 definitions]
meddlesome inclined to meddle or interfere in the business or affairs of others; interfering.
medevac the evacuation by helicopter, or other aircraft, of persons needing immediate medical attention. [4 definitions]
Medgar Evers American civil rights activist during the 1950s and early sixties. Evers worked to desegregate Mississippi schools, set up voter registration drives, helped organize economic boycotts of white businesses engaging in discrimination, and investigated crimes against black citizens. He was assassinated by a member of a white supremacist group in 1963. (b. 1925--d. 1963).
medi- middle.