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melting point the temperature at which a given solid turns into liquid.
melting pot a pot in which substances, esp. metals, are melted; crucible. [2 definitions]
melton heavy wool fabric used mainly for making sturdy outer garments such as overcoats.
mem the name of the thirteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
member one of the parts of or individuals in a particular group, organization, or category. [3 definitions]
Member of Parliament one who has been elected to the parliament of a nation.
membership the state of being a member, as of a group or organization. [2 definitions]
membrane a thin, flexible, tensile layer of tissue that separates, connects, lines, or covers various structures, such as organs, in living organisms. [2 definitions]
membrane bone a bone that is formed in membranous tissue, rather than in cartilage.
membranous related to, made of, or similar to one of the thin, flexible layers of tissue that cover, separate, line, or connect organs and other structures in a living organism.
meme an idea, behavior, style, or other element of a culture which takes root in that culture through repeated transmission and is kept in existence through the collective memory of the group. [2 definitions]
memento a physical reminder, such as a small object, of a past event, period, or relationship; souvenir or keepsake.
memento mori a reminder of death or mortality, esp. a skull.
memo a memorandum.
memoir an account of facts or events based primarily on the author's personal experience. [3 definitions]
memorabilia a collection of mementos. [2 definitions]
memorable easily kept in memory; highly impressive or exceptional. [2 definitions]
memorandum a short written reminder. [4 definitions]
memorial a ceremony, custom, or public structure to honor a dead person or past event. [2 definitions]
Memorial Day a U.S. legal holiday to honor deceased soldiers, usu. officially observed on the last Monday in May.
memorialize to honor the memory of, as by an observance or celebration; commemorate. [2 definitions]