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meme an idea, behavior, style, or other element of culture that exists in the human mind and spreads from mind to mind through memory and repetition.
memento a physical reminder, such as a small object, of a past event, period, or relationship; souvenir or keepsake.
memento mori a reminder of death or mortality, esp. a skull.
memo a memorandum.
memoir an account of facts or events based primarily on the author's personal experience. [3 definitions]
memorabilia a collection of mementos. [2 definitions]
memorable easily kept in memory; highly impressive or exceptional. [2 definitions]
memorandum a short written reminder. [4 definitions]
memorial a ceremony, custom, or public structure to honor a dead person or past event.
Memorial Day a U.S. legal holiday to honor deceased soldiers, usu. officially observed on the last Monday in May.
memorialize to honor the memory of, as by an observance or celebration; commemorate. [2 definitions]
memorize to learn thoroughly so as to hold in the memory.
memory the mental power or process of recalling experience from the past. [6 definitions]
memsahib formerly, a title applied to a European woman by servants in colonial India; madam. [2 definitions]
men pl. of man.
menace that which poses a danger or threatens injury or harm; threat. [4 definitions]
ménage people living as a unit; household. [2 definitions]
ménage à trois household of three (French); a household consisting of a married couple and a single person who is the lover of one of the spouses. [2 definitions]
menagerie a collection of usu. wild or exotic animals, or the place where they are exhibited.
menarche the first menstrual cycle of a girl.
mend to repair (something damaged or worn). [4 definitions]