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mental math mathematical calculations done by thinking alone.
mental retardation the lack of one or more mental functions since birth, resulting in below-normal intelligence and inability to function adequately, caused by brain damage, disease, or congenital factors; mental deficiency.
mentation the workings of the mind; mental activity.
menthol an alcohol derived from peppermint oils or produced synthetically, used in scents and flavorings, in cigarettes, and esp. in medications for its soothing effect on irritated mucous membranes.
mentholated containing or treated with menthol.
mention to say or to bring up the subject of (something), usually in just a few words or in passing. [3 definitions]
mentionable combined form of mention.
mentor a guide and counselor, esp. one who plays a significant role in a person's intellectual, professional, or personal development. [2 definitions]
menu a list of foods available at a restaurant, often accompanied by brief descriptions and prices. [3 definitions]
meow the characteristic sound made by a cat. [2 definitions]
meperidine a synthetic narcotic compound used as a sedative and a pain reliever.
mephitic of or pertaining to mephitis; poisonous. [2 definitions]
mephitis a smelly or poisonous gas emitted by the earth. [2 definitions]
meprobamate a bitter white powder that is used as a tranquilizer.
mercantile of or pertaining to merchants or commerce. [2 definitions]
mercantilism the doctrine, developed in the West after the decline of feudalism, that a nation's economy could be strengthened by governmental protection of home industries, by increased foreign exports, and by accumulating gold and silver. [2 definitions]
Mercator projection a map in which the meridians and the parallels of latitude are shown as straight lines that cross at right angles, and in which areas appear more distorted the farther they are from the equator.
mercenary interested only in money and material gain. [4 definitions]
mercerize to treat (cotton thread or cloth) with sodium hydroxide to increase its strength, dye absorption, and luster.
merchandise goods for buying and selling. [3 definitions]
merchandising all of the activities involved in promoting the sale of goods.