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mercantilism the doctrine, developed in the West after the decline of feudalism, that a nation's economy could be strengthened by governmental protection of home industries, by increased foreign exports, and by accumulating gold and silver. [2 definitions]
Mercator projection a map in which the meridians and the parallels of latitude are shown as straight lines that cross at right angles, and in which areas appear more distorted the farther they are from the equator.
mercenary interested only in money and material gain. [4 definitions]
mercerize to treat (cotton thread or cloth) with sodium hydroxide to increase its strength, dye absorption, and luster.
merchandise goods for buying and selling. [3 definitions]
merchandising all of the activities involved in promoting the sale of goods.
merchant one who buys goods and sells them for a profit. [4 definitions]
merchantable capable of or suitable for being sold; marketable.
merchantman a commercial ship that carries passengers or freight.
merchant marine the ships of a nation that are used in commerce or trade. [2 definitions]
merci (French) thank you.
merciful compassionate or forgiving; taking pity; showing mercy.
merciless showing no kindness or compassion; without mercy; cruel.
mercurial volatile in temper; changeable; fickle. [2 definitions]
mercuric of, pertaining to, or containing mercury with a chemical valence of two.
mercuric chloride a very poisonous white crystalline compound, used in photography and as an antiseptic.
Mercurochrome trademark for merbromin, a red antiseptic solution used for minor wounds.
mercurous of, pertaining to, or containing mercury with a chemical valence of one.
mercury a chemical element that has eighty protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a dense silvery liquid at room temperature, used in thermometers, electrical devices, and reflecting surfaces, and as a catalyst; quicksilver. (symbol: Hg). [5 definitions]
mercury-vapor lamp a lamp in which light is produced by an electric discharge through vaporized mercury.
mercy compassionate or lenient treatment of someone over whom one has some power, as through the administration of justice. [4 definitions]