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merciless showing no kindness or compassion; without mercy; cruel.
mercurial volatile in temper; changeable; fickle. [2 definitions]
mercuric of, pertaining to, or containing mercury with a chemical valence of two.
mercuric chloride a very poisonous white crystalline compound, used in photography and as an antiseptic.
Mercurochrome trademark for merbromin, a red antiseptic solution used for minor wounds.
mercurous of, pertaining to, or containing mercury with a chemical valence of one.
mercury a chemical element that has eighty protons in each nucleus and that occurs as a dense silvery liquid at room temperature, used in thermometers, electrical devices, and reflecting surfaces, and as a catalyst; quicksilver. (symbol: Hg). [5 definitions]
mercury-vapor lamp a lamp in which light is produced by an electric discharge through vaporized mercury.
mercy compassionate or lenient treatment of someone over whom one has some power, as through the administration of justice. [4 definitions]
mercy killing see "euthanasia."
-mere segment; part.
mere being neither more nor better than what is specified.
merely only; simply; nothing more than.
merengue a fast ballroom dance that originated in the Dominican Republic and in which each partner characteristically holds one leg stiff while dancing.
meretricious appealing or attracting in a cheap, showy, or shallow way. [2 definitions]
merganser any of various large diving ducks that have a narrow bill with a hooked tip and serrated edges, and usu. a crest on the head.
merge to combine or unite. [5 definitions]
merger the consolidation of two or more businesses into one, or the legal transfer of the assets of one corporation to another.
meridian a great circle circumscribing the earth and passing through both poles, or either half of such a circle from one pole to the other. [7 definitions]
meringue egg whites beaten stiff with sugar and sometimes flavoring, used to form a pastry shell or as a topping on other baked foods.
merino a breed of sheep originating in Spain. [2 definitions]