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mess around (informal) to putter or spend time idly. [2 definitions]
messenger a person who transports and delivers a message or package, or does this regularly as a job.
messenger RNA a single-stranded molecule of ribonucleic acid that carries a code from the DNA, where it is synthesized, to the cytoplasm, where it specifies the sequence of amino acids required for protein synthesis.
mess hall a room or building in which a group of people, such as soldiers, regularly eat their meals.
Messiah according to Old Testament prophecies, the anticipated deliverer of the Jews. [3 definitions]
messieurs pl. of monsieur.
messiness the condition of being very untidy or unkempt. [2 definitions]
mess jacket a man's close-fitting, waist-length jacket, worn as part of a uniform.
mess kit a set of cooking and eating utensils arranged in a compact kit, used by campers and soldiers in the field.
messmate a person with whom one eats meals regularly, as in the army.
Messrs. abbreviation of "messieurs," plural of "monsieur;" a plural of "Mr."
mess up to make (something) untidy. [2 definitions]
messy dirty, untidy, or disorderly. [2 definitions]
mestiza in Latin America or the Philippines, a woman of mixed European and native ancestry.
mestizo in Latin America or the Philippines, a man of mixed European and native ancestry.
met past tense and past participle of meet1.
meta- change. [3 definitions]
metabolism the physical and chemical processes by which food is converted by a living organism to provide energy and produce and maintain cells and tissues.
metabolite in physiology, any substance that is an intermediate or product of a chemical process occurring in the body.
metabolize to subject to or undergo change by metabolism.
metacarpal of or relating to the metacarpus. [2 definitions]