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microcosmos a small, complete whole; tiny world; microcosm. [2 definitions]
microdot a photographic copy of something, such as written material or a document, that is reduced to an extremely tiny size, as for the purpose of espionage.
microeconomics (used with a sing. verb) the study of the nature of competition in the markets for particular goods and services. (Cf. macroeconomics.)
microelectronics (used with a sing. verb) the branch of electronics dealing with the development of miniature electronic circuits and their uses.
microencapsulation a process or procedure in which tiny particles, as of drug or medicinal substances, are enclosed or covered separately in order to cause gradual release of their effects.
microevolution the slight hereditary alteration of an organism, as by new combinations of genes, that precedes a small degree of change in a particular form of life.
microfiber a very fine synthetic fiber, or the typically soft fabric made from such fiber.
microfiche a card-sized sheet of microfilm for storage of photographically reduced images, usu. of many pages of text or data.
microfilm a film for recording highly reduced photographic images of material such as text or drawings. [2 definitions]
microfilmable combined form of microfilm.
microfluidic of or pertaining to the controlled flow of liquid through minute, hairlike tubes.
microfluidics the field that deals with manipulating the flow of liquids through minute, hairlike tubes. [2 definitions]
microform any form or type of photographically reduced document or print, such as microfilm or microfiche.
microgram a unit of weight equal to one millionth of a gram. [2 definitions]
micrograph a drawing or photograph of something as it is seen through a microscope. [2 definitions]
microgroove an especially fine groove on a long-playing record, or a record having such a groove.
micrometer1 an instrument for measuring minute distances, angles, diameters, and the like in telescopic and microscopic images. [2 definitions]
micrometer2 see "micron."
micrometer caliper a precision caliper with a spindle that is moved by a micrometer screw, used for measuring minute distances with extreme accuracy.
micrometer screw a very finely threaded screw that is used in micrometers to give extremely fine measurements, esp. of thickness.
micrometry measuring with micrometers.