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milk a white liquid produced by female mammals as food for their offspring. [7 definitions]
milk-and-water lacking conviction; weak or insipid.
milker a person or machine that extracts milk from an animal. [2 definitions]
milkfed of an animal, fed on milk or milk products in order to obtain tender meat.
milkfish a large, whitish, edible fish found in the Indian and Pacific oceans.
milk glass white, opaque, or translucent glass.
milk leg a painful swelling in a woman's leg occurring after childbirth, caused by clotting or inflammation of the veins.
milkmaid a girl or woman who milks cows or works on a dairy farm.
milkman a man who sells milk or delivers it to people's homes.
milk of magnesia a milky mixture of magnesium hydroxide and water, used primarily as a laxative or antacid.
milk run a routine or riskless trip or undertaking.
milk shake a frothy cold drink made of milk, flavoring, and usu. ice cream blended together.
milkshed the dairy farm areas that supply a city with milk.
milk snake a nonpoisonous king snake found in northeastern North America.
milksop a boy or man who is timid or lacks courage; weakling.
milk sugar the sugar that is found in milk; lactose.
milk tooth any of the temporary first teeth, found in young mammals, that are eventually replaced by permanent teeth.
milkweed one of several plants that secrete a milky substance.
milkwort any of various plants or shrubs that bear bright, variously colored flowers, once thought to enhance the production of milk in nursing mothers.
milky of, made with, or resembling milk. [2 definitions]
Milky Way the galaxy that contains the earth, the sun, and the solar system, and that is visible in the night sky as a long ribbon of cloudlike clusters of stars from one horizon to the other.