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milk run a routine or riskless trip or undertaking.
milk shake a frothy cold drink made of milk, flavoring, and usu. ice cream blended together.
milkshed the dairy farm areas that supply a city with milk.
milk snake a nonpoisonous king snake found in northeastern North America.
milksop a boy or man who is timid or lacks courage; weakling.
milk sugar the sugar that is found in milk; lactose.
milk tooth any of the temporary first teeth, found in young mammals, that are eventually replaced by permanent teeth.
milkweed one of several plants that secrete a milky substance.
milkwort any of various plants or shrubs that bear bright, variously colored flowers, once thought to enhance the production of milk in nursing mothers.
milky of, made with, or resembling milk. [2 definitions]
Milky Way the galaxy that contains the earth, the sun, and the solar system, and that is visible in the night sky as a long ribbon of cloudlike clusters of stars from one horizon to the other.
mill1 a place where raw grains are crushed and ground to produce flour. [9 definitions]
mill2 a rarely-used monetary unit of the United States equaling one thousandth of a dollar.
millage the tax rate based on one tenth of a U.S. cent per dollar.
milldam a dam constructed to create a pond or head of water that can be released to turn a mill.
millefleurs having a varicolored floral pattern covering a fabric.
millennial of or pertaining to a millennium. [2 definitions]
millennium a unit of time equal to one thousand years. [3 definitions]
millepede variant of millipede.
millepore any of several marine corals found in tropical waters.
miller a person who owns, operates, or works in a mill, esp. a mill for grinding grain into flour. [3 definitions]