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minim in the U.S., a unit of capacity equal to one sixtieth of a fluid dram, 0.06161 milliliter, or approximately a drop. [3 definitions]
minimal of, pertaining to, or being the smallest or least possible in quantity, degree, or size.
minimize to make as small as possible in amount, degree, or size. [2 definitions]
minimum the smallest or least possible amount, degree, or number. [3 definitions]
minimum wage the lowest wage that an employer can pay an employee according to law or labor union agreement.
mining the act or business of extracting coal, ore, or other minerals from a mine. [2 definitions]
minion a servile subordinate of someone in power; minor, servile official. [2 definitions]
miniscule variant of minuscule.
miniseries a dramatic television production that is presented in installments, usu. on successive nights.
miniskirt a very short skirt.
minister a person authorized to perform or assist with religious ceremony and worship; pastor. [4 definitions]
ministerial pertaining to a religious ministry or minister, or to the affairs of a minister of state.
minister plenipotentiary a diplomatic representative endowed with full authority to act or speak on behalf of his or her country.
ministrant attending to; ministering. [2 definitions]
ministration the process of rendering aid or service. [2 definitions]
ministry the duties and functions of a religious minister. [5 definitions]
minivan a small, box-shaped passenger van with side windows, often having removable or folding seats for increased cargo room.
miniver a white fur, esp. ermine, used for trimming garments such as ceremonial robes.
mink any of several small, carnivorous North American mammals that are related to the weasel, that have short legs, partly webbed feet, and a pointed snout, and that live near water. [3 definitions]
minke whale a small, fast-moving whale having furrows on its light belly and throat and a dorsal fin.
minnesinger a German lyric poet or troubadour of the late Middle Ages.