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minuscule so small as to be almost negligible; tiny. [4 definitions]
minus sign One action we do with numbers is to subtract one number from another number. An example of multiplying is "five minus three equals two." When we write this in numbers, we use something called a minus sign (-) between the first two numbers: 5 - 3. The minus sign tells us that what is going to happen with these two numbers is subtracting. Three is going to be taken away from five.
minute1 a unit of time equal to sixty seconds or one sixtieth of an hour. (abbr.: min.) [6 definitions]
minute2 extremely small in size, amount, or degree; tiny. [2 definitions]
minute hand the longer hand on a watch or a clock, which moves around the entire face once an hour and indicates minutes.
minutely occurring on a small or minute scale, or in fine detail.
minuteman an American militiaman of the Revolutionary War period who was ready to fight on a moment's notice.
minute steak a small, thin piece of steak, often cubed, that cooks quickly.
minutia (usu. pl.) a small or unimportant detail; triviality.
minx a flirtatious or impudent young woman.
Miocene of, relating to, or designating the geological epoch between the Oligocene and Pliocene of the Tertiary Period, from approximately 26 million to 5 million years ago, when mammals began to acquire modern characteristics. [2 definitions]
miosis severe contraction of the pupil of the eye. (Cf. mydriasis.)
Mira a red variable star in the constellation Cetus, having a widely fluctuating magnitude between 2.0 and 10.0.
mirabelle a small, sweet, deep-yellow fruit that resembles a plum. [3 definitions]
mirabile dictu (Latin) wonderful to say or relate.
miracle an event that cannot be explained by the known laws of nature and is therefore attributed to a supernatural or divine power. [2 definitions]
miracle play a type of medieval religious drama that depicted the lives of saints or Biblical stories.
miraculous of the nature of a miracle. [2 definitions]
mirage an optical effect, often occurring in the desert or on hot pavement, in which light distorted by air masses of different temperatures creates the illusion of water and sometimes inverts distant objects. [2 definitions]
Miranda of or pertaining to the legal obligation of an arresting officer to inform a person being arrested of his or her legal rights.
Miranda rights specific rights that a person has about what they can do or say after being arrested by the police.