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mischievous having a tendency toward annoying or mildly injurious behavior; causing mischief. [3 definitions]
miscible capable of being mixed together.
misconceive to interpret or understand wrongly; misunderstand.
misconception an error in understanding or conceiving; wrong notion or idea.
misconduct improper, often unlawful behavior; misbehavior. [3 definitions]
misconstrue to fail to correctly understand the meaning of; misinterpret.
miscount to count or calculate incorrectly. [2 definitions]
miscreant evil or malevolent; villainous. [2 definitions]
miscue in sports, an error, as in handling the ball. [6 definitions]
misdate to date incorrectly or assign an incorrect date to. [2 definitions]
misdeal to deal (a deck of playing cards) incorrectly. [2 definitions]
misdeed an unacceptable, evil, or illegal act.
misdemeanor in law, a class of illegal act that is less serious than a felony and carries a lighter sentence; minor offense.
misdiagnose to assign an incorrect diagnosis to. [2 definitions]
misdirect to lead or direct incorrectly; give the wrong directions to. [2 definitions]
misdo to do incorrectly or poorly; bungle.
mise en scène (French) the way in which performers and props are arranged or directed for a theatrical or movie production.
misemploy to employ wrongly; misuse.
miser a greedy, ungenerous person, esp. one who lives in poor circumstances in order to hoard money.
miserable extremely unhappy, remorseful, or dissatisfied; feeling misery. [5 definitions]
Miserere the fifty-first psalm, or a musical setting for it. [2 definitions]