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misdo to do incorrectly or poorly; bungle.
mise en scène (French) the way in which performers and props are arranged or directed for a theatrical or movie production.
misemploy to employ wrongly; misuse.
miser a greedy, ungenerous person, esp. one who lives in poor circumstances in order to hoard money.
miserable extremely unhappy, remorseful, or dissatisfied; feeling misery. [5 definitions]
Miserere the fifty-first psalm, or a musical setting for it. [2 definitions]
miserly of, like, or characteristic of a miser; penurious or stingy.
misery great unhappiness; extreme emotional distress. [3 definitions]
misfeasance a normally lawful act performed in an unlawful way. (Cf. malfeasance, nonfeasance.)
misfile to place in the wrong order in a filing system; file in the wrong order.
misfire to fail to detonate or go off correctly, as an explosive or gun. [3 definitions]
misfit a person who is not integrated into or is unsuited for his or her social environment, job, or the like. [2 definitions]
misfortune an instance of bad luck; unfortunate occurrence. [2 definitions]
misgive to arouse doubt, fear, or suspicion in. [2 definitions]
misgiving a feeling of regret, doubt, or apprehension.
misgovern to administer or govern poorly or improperly.
misguide to misdirect or lead astray.
misguided led astray; in error; mistaken.
mishandle to deal with in an inefficient or unsatisfactory way; mismanage. [2 definitions]
mishap an unlucky or unfortunate happening; accident.
mishear to hear or understand unclearly or incorrectly.