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misguided led astray; in error; mistaken.
mishandle to deal with in an inefficient or unsatisfactory way; mismanage. [2 definitions]
mishap an unlucky or unfortunate happening; accident.
mishear to hear or understand unclearly or incorrectly.
mishmash a jumbled mess; hodgepodge.
Mishnah the first section of the Talmud, consisting of the oral laws and scriptural interpretations of them. [2 definitions]
mishoon in Wampanoag language and culture, a boat, esp. a canoe made by digging out a log.
misinform to give incorrect information to.
misinterpret to give an inaccurate explanation of. [2 definitions]
misjudge to hold an unjustified opinion of. [2 definitions]
mislabel to label incorrectly.
mislay to put (something) somewhere and forget where it is; lose, often temporarily.
mislead to guide in a wrong direction. [2 definitions]
mismanage to manage poorly or improperly.
mismanagement poor or improper control, direction, or administration.
mismatch to match poorly or inappropriately. [2 definitions]
mismate to mate wrongly or unsuitably.
misname to call by an incorrect name.
misnomer an incorrect or inappropriate name.
miso a salty soybean paste, used esp. in Japanese cuisine.
miso- hatred.