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Mississippi a U.S. state on the Gulf of Mexico between Alabama and Louisiana. (abbr.: MS) [2 definitions]
Mississippian of or pertaining to the Mississippi River or the state of Mississippi. [4 definitions]
Mississippi River a river that flows from Minnesota south through the Midwest, along the border between Mississippi and Louisiana, and into the Gulf of Mexico.
missive a message in writing; letter.
Missouri a Midwestern U.S. state between Kansas and Illinois. (abbr.: MO) [2 definitions]
Missouri River a river that flows from Montana mainly southeast until it joins the Mississippi River in Missouri. It is the longest river in the United States and is the main tributary of the Mississippi.
misspeak to state or pronounce incorrectly.
misspell to spell in an incorrect way.
misspelling a word that is spelled incorrectly.
misspend to spend or use up unwisely; waste.
misstate to describe inaccurately or misleadingly; state incorrectly.
misstep a mistaken placement of the foot. [2 definitions]
miss the boat to fail to take advantage of a good opportunity.
mist a concentration of droplets of water or the like suspended in the air. [7 definitions]
mistakable liable to being mistaken or misunderstood.
mistake an incorrect thought, action, or judgment; error. [5 definitions]
mistaken being an error. [2 definitions]
Mister a conventional title of courtesy, usu. abbreviated and placed before a man's last name or title of office. [3 definitions]
Mister Charlie (offensive slang) a white person, or whites collectively.
misterioso in a mysterious manner (used as a musical direction).
mistime to say or do at an inappropriate time. [2 definitions]