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Mississippi River a river that flows from Minnesota south through the Midwest, along the border between Mississippi and Louisiana, and into the Gulf of Mexico.
missive a message in writing; letter.
Missouri a Midwestern U.S. state between Kansas and Illinois. (abbr.: MO) [2 definitions]
Missouri River a river that flows from Montana southeast through Missouri and is the main tributary of the Mississippi.
misspeak to state or pronounce incorrectly.
misspell to spell in an incorrect way.
misspelling a word that is spelled incorrectly.
misspend to spend or use up unwisely; waste.
misstate to describe inaccurately or misleadingly; state incorrectly.
misstep a mistaken placement of the foot. [2 definitions]
mist a concentration of droplets of water or the like suspended in the air. [7 definitions]
mistakable liable to being mistaken or misunderstood.
mistake an incorrect thought, action, or judgment; error. [5 definitions]
mistaken being an error. [2 definitions]
Mister a conventional title of courtesy, usu. abbreviated and placed before a man's last name or title of office. [3 definitions]
Mister Charlie (offensive slang) a white person, or whites collectively.
misterioso in a mysterious manner (used as a musical direction).
mistime to say or do at an inappropriate time. [2 definitions]
mistletoe a parasitic plant, species of which are found in Europe, Asia, and North America, having evergreen leaves and bearing white berries and small, yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
mistook past tense of mistake.
mistral a cold, dry, northerly wind that blows over the southern coast of France and other nearby regions.