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Mister a conventional title of courtesy, usu. abbreviated and placed before a man's last name or title of office. [3 definitions]
Mister Charlie (offensive slang) a white person, or whites collectively.
misterioso in a mysterious manner (used as a musical direction).
mistime to say or do at an inappropriate time. [2 definitions]
mistletoe a parasitic plant, species of which are found in Europe, Asia, and North America, having evergreen leaves and bearing white berries and small, yellow flowers. [2 definitions]
mistook past tense of mistake.
mistral a cold, dry, northerly wind that blows over the southern coast of France and other nearby regions.
mistreat to treat improperly; abuse.
mistress a woman in charge, as of a school or household. [4 definitions]
mistrial a trial that is declared invalid because of an error in the proceedings. [2 definitions]
mistrust lack of belief or confidence in the good intentions of people; doubt. [3 definitions]
mistrustful full of suspicion or mistrust.
misty made up of mist or looking like mist. [2 definitions]
misunderstand to fail to comprehend correctly; interpret wrongly.
misunderstanding a failure to comprehend correctly. [2 definitions]
misunderstood not understood or interpreted correctly. [2 definitions]
misusage incorrect or improper usage, as of a word. [2 definitions]
misuse a wrong or inappropriate use. [3 definitions]
misvalue to judge the value of incorrectly, esp. to undervalue.
misword to word or express incorrectly.
miswrite to write incorrectly.