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Mohawk a river that flows eastward from central New York State. [3 definitions]
Mohegan a member of a North American Indian tribe formerly living in the Thames River area of Connecticut.
mohel (Hebrew) in Judaism, one who performs the circumcision of a male child.
Mohican variant of Mahican.
Moho see "Mohorovicic discontinuity."
Mohole a hole that penetrates the earth's crust and the area beneath the Mohorovicic discontinuity, used for geological study.
Mohorovicic discontinuity the irregular jointure of the earth's crust with the layer of mantle rock beneath it, positioned nearly twenty-two miles beneath the continental land masses and from three to six miles beneath the ocean floor.
Mohs scale a scale that designates the comparative hardness of minerals.
moiety one of two equal or nearly equal parts or portions; half. [3 definitions]
moil to work hard; labor; drudge. [4 definitions]
moiré of fabric, esp. silk, having a wavelike or watery pattern. [3 definitions]
moist slightly or somewhat wet. [4 definitions]
moisten to make or become slightly wet; dampen.
moisture a small amount of diffused or condensed liquid, esp. water, felt as vapor in the air or as dampness on surfaces.
moisturize to add or restore moisture to (the skin), as with lotion.
moisturizer a cosmetic lotion or cream.
Mojave variant of Mohave.
Mojave Desert a desert region of southern California.
mol variant of mole4.
molar1 a large tooth with a broad biting surface, used for grinding food and located in the back of the mouth behind the premolars. [2 definitions]
molar2 in physics, of or relating to a mass of matter as a whole, rather than to molecules or atoms. [2 definitions]