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monaural of or pertaining to a sound-reproducing system that produces a single channel of output; monophonic. (Cf. stereophonic.)
monaxial having one axis; uniaxial. [2 definitions]
monazite a yellow-brown or red-brown mineral phosphate of rare-earth metals that is a major source of thorium, cerium, and the like.
Monday the second day of the week, occurring between Sunday and Tuesday.
Monday-morning quarterback (informal) one who evaluates, criticizes, or assesses the decisions or actions of others after the fact.
Mondays on Mondays; each Monday; every Monday.
monde (French) the world.
mon Dieu (French) my God!
monecious variant of monoecious.
monetarism a theory that economic security and growth are dependent upon a controlled growth in the supply of money.
monetary relating to currency or money. [2 definitions]
monetize to make legal for use as money; establish as legal tender. [2 definitions]
money coins or paper notes issued by the government and marked with specific values; legal currency. [4 definitions]
moneybags (informal; used with a sing. verb) a rich person.
moneychanger a person whose business is exchanging currency, usu. at an official rate. [2 definitions]
money-changing the business or act of exchanging money, usu. the currencies of different countries, at an official rate.
moneyed possessing much money; wealthy; rich. [2 definitions]
money-grubber (informal) one who actively desires and pursues the accumulation of as much money as possible.
moneylender one whose business is lending money at interest.
moneymaker a person engaged in or successful at acquiring money. [2 definitions]
moneymaking earning or likely to earn a profit. [2 definitions]