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monkey wrench a wrench with one movable jaw that can be adjusted with a screw to fit nuts of various sizes.
monk's cloth a heavy cotton fabric in a basket weave, used esp. for bedspreads and curtains.
monkshood any of a group of ornamental plants bearing flowers with large sepals joined in a hood over the petals.
mono1 (informal) mononucleosis.
mono2 of or pertaining to a monophonic sound system; monaural.
mono- one; alone.
monobasic of or designating an acid molecule containing one hydrogen atom that is replaceable by a metal or positive radical.
monocarpic of plants, bearing fruit only once, and then dying.
Monoceros a spring constellation in the northern sky, located near Canis Minor and Canis Major.
monochloride a chloride having one atom of chlorine and one of another element.
monochord an instrument of ancient design used to measure intervals between musical tones, having a wooden sounding box with one string that vibrates on a gradual scale as a bridge is moved.
monochromatic having or using only a single color or shades of one color. [3 definitions]
monochrome a painting or drawing executed in shades of a single color, or the techniques used to create such a work. [2 definitions]
monocle an eyeglass for only one eye.
monoclinal of, pertaining to, or designating a geological formation in which rock strata incline in one direction. [2 definitions]
monocline a rock formation in which the rock strata incline in only one direction; monoclinal.
monoclinic of or designating a system of crystal formation in which three crystal axes of unequal length intersect, two at right angles and one obliquely.
monoclinous of a plant, having both pistils and stamens in the same flower; hermaphroditic.
monoclonal relating to a cell line derived from a single cell, or to a substance made by such cells. [3 definitions]
monocotyledon a member of the subgroup of flowering plants that produce only one seed leaf, usu. bear leaves with parallel veins, and do not grow in width by means of a vascular cambium. (Cf. dicotyledon.)
monocular of, intended for, or requiring the use of only one eye. [2 definitions]