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monocarpic of plants, bearing fruit only once, and then dying.
Monoceros a spring constellation in the northern sky, located near Canis Minor and Canis Major.
monochloride a chloride having one atom of chlorine and one of another element.
monochord an instrument of ancient design used to measure intervals between musical tones, having a wooden sounding box with one string that vibrates on a gradual scale as a bridge is moved.
monochromatic having or using only a single color or shades of one color. [3 definitions]
monochrome a painting or drawing executed in shades of a single color, or the techniques used to create such a work. [2 definitions]
monocle an eyeglass for only one eye.
monoclinal of, pertaining to, or designating a geological formation in which rock strata incline in one direction. [2 definitions]
monocline a rock formation in which the rock strata incline in only one direction; monoclinal.
monoclinic of or designating a system of crystal formation in which three crystal axes of unequal length intersect, two at right angles and one obliquely.
monoclinous of a plant, having both pistils and stamens in the same flower; hermaphroditic.
monoclonal relating to a cell line derived from a single cell, or to a substance made by such cells. [3 definitions]
monocotyledon a member of the subgroup of flowering plants that produce only one seed leaf, usu. bear leaves with parallel veins, and do not grow in width by means of a vascular cambium. (Cf. dicotyledon.)
monocular of, intended for, or requiring the use of only one eye. [2 definitions]
monody an ode recited or sung by a single voice, as in a Greek tragedy. [2 definitions]
monoecious in botany, having separate male and female flowers on each individual plant. [2 definitions]
monofilament a single thick filament of a synthetic fiber such as nylon.
monogamous having only one spouse.
monogamy the state of being married to only one individual. (Cf. bigamy, polygamy.)
monogenesis the theory that all living organisms are descended from one ancestral pair or from one cell. [2 definitions]
monogenism the belief that all of mankind descended from one pair of ancestors. (Cf. polygenism.)