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monotype in biology, a single species that is the unique representative of its gender, family, or higher taxonomic classification.
monotypic of a biological species, being the unique representative of one's gender, family, or higher taxonomic classification.
monounsaturated having one double bond, used esp. in reference to fats and fatty acids.
monovalent in chemistry, able to combine with only one other atom or chemical group; univalent. [2 definitions]
monoxide a chemical resulting from the addition of one atom of oxygen per molecule.
Monroe Doctrine the U.S. doctrine proscribing European intervention in the affairs of Mexico and Central and South America, and prohibiting further colonization on the American continents.
Monrovia the seaport capital of Liberia.
Monseigneur (sometimes l.c.) a French title of honor and respect given to princes, bishops, and other men of high birth or rank. [2 definitions]
monsieur the French title of respect and term of address for a man, corresponding to "Mister" or "Sir".
Monsignor (sometimes l.c.) a title conferred upon certain prelates, such as dignitaries of the Roman Catholic Church. [2 definitions]
monsoon the seasonal wind system of the Indian Ocean, blowing from the southwest in the summer and the northeast in the winter. [2 definitions]
mons pubis the raised mound of flesh below the abdomen of the adult male, covered by pubic hair.
monster an imaginary or mythical creature, often with features of two different animals or of animals and humans. [6 definitions]
monstrance in Roman Catholicism, the receptacle containing the consecrated Host.
monstrosity something or someone that is monstrous. [2 definitions]
monstrous frighteningly hideous; frightfully ugly. [3 definitions]
mons veneris the raised mound of flesh below the abdomen of the adult female, covered by pubic hair.
montage the technique of juxtaposing or superimposing images in a photograph or on motion picture film. [3 definitions]
Montagnard a member of a people of mixed ethnic origins inhabiting the highlands of central Vietnam.
Montana a northwestern U.S. state on the Canadian border between North Dakota and Idaho. (abbr.: MT)
montane designating the biogeographic zone in mountain regions that is below timberline and is moist and cool.