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mortgage a written agreement by which a lender holds a claim to property until a debt is repaid. [3 definitions]
mortgagee the person to whom a property is mortgaged.
mortgagor the person who mortgages a property.
mortician a person licensed to make appropriate disposition of dead human bodies; undertaker; funeral director.
mortification a feeling of embarrassment, shame, or humiliation. [3 definitions]
mortify to subject (someone) to extreme embarrassment, shame, or humiliation. [3 definitions]
mortise a slot or other shape cut into a piece of wood or metal and intended to connect with a matching piece cut to fit it exactly when inserted into it. (Cf. tenon.) [3 definitions]
mortmain in law, perpetual ownership of real estate by institutions, such as churches, that do not have the right to sell.
mortuary a place, usu. a funeral home, where dead human bodies are kept before burial or cremation. [2 definitions]
mos. abbreviation of "months," a plural form of "month."
Mosaic of, pertaining to, or derived from Moses or the writings that are attributed to him.
mosaic a pattern or picture made with many small glass tiles, stones, or the like cemented onto a surface. [6 definitions]
Moscow the capital of Russia.
Moses according to the Old Testament, the Hebrew patriarch who received the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai, and who led the Jews out of slavery in Egypt.
mosey (informal) to walk slowly or aimlessly; stroll. [2 definitions]
Moslem variant of Muslim.
mosque a Muslim place of worship.
mosquito any of numerous winged insects, the females of which usu. suck the blood of animals and humans by using a slender, hollow proboscis.
mosquitofish any of various small freshwater fishes used to control mosquito larvae.
mosquito net a net with a very fine mesh, usu. suspended over sleeping areas to keep out mosquitoes.
moss any of numerous small, leafy-stemmed, flowerless green plants that grow in mats on rocks, trees, and moist ground. [3 definitions]