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mudslinging attempting to soil the reputation of an opponent by hurling malicious charges and accusations, esp. in a political contest.
mud snake a bluish black burrowing snake of the southeastern United States, having a red belly and a nonpoisonous spine at the tip of the tail.
mud turtle any of several small freshwater turtles of the Western Hemisphere.
muenster a mild, pale French cheese.
muezzin the Muslim religious functionary who calls the faithful to prayer five times a day.
muff a short, thick, open-ended tube of cloth or fur, used esp. by women to cover and warm the hands outdoors. [6 definitions]
muffin a small cake-like roll usu. having a rounded top and often eaten toasted or warm.
muffle to wrap or cover, as for warmth, protection, or privacy (often fol. by "up"). [5 definitions]
muffler a garment made to be wrapped around the neck, and sometimes over the head or chest, for warmth; scarf. [2 definitions]
mufti civilian dress, esp. as worn by someone ordinarily in military uniform.
mug a tall, cylindrical, often heavy drinking cup of pottery, glass, or metal, usu. with a handle. [4 definitions]
mugger one who physically assaults a person, esp. in a public place in order to rob.
muggy warm, humid, and stifling, as the weather or the atmosphere outdoors or in an enclosed space.
mugwump one who cannot make up his or her mind on political issues.
Muhammad an Arab prophet and the founder of Islam (570-632 A.D.).
Muhammad Ali U.S. boxer and international political activist who won the world heavyweight championship three times; born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. (b.1942--2016).
Muhammad Ali, pasha of Egypt an Albanian soldier of the Turkish army who established Egypt as a modern state (b.1769?--d.1849).
Muhammadan an adherent of Islam; Muslim. [2 definitions]
Muhammadanism the Muslim religion; Islam.
mujik variant of muzhik.
mukluk a soft boot of reindeer skin or sealskin, worn by Eskimos. [2 definitions]