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Muhammad an Arab prophet and the founder of Islam (570-632 A.D.).
Muhammad Ali U.S. boxer and international political activist who won the world heavyweight championship three times; born Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. (b.1942--2016).
Muhammad Ali, pasha of Egypt an Albanian soldier of the Turkish army who established Egypt as a modern state (b.1769?--d.1849).
Muhammadan an adherent of Islam; Muslim. [2 definitions]
Muhammadanism the Muslim religion; Islam.
mujik variant of muzhik.
mukluk a soft boot of reindeer skin or sealskin, worn by Eskimos. [2 definitions]
mulatto the offspring of one black and one white parent. [2 definitions]
mulberry any of several shade trees that have broad leaves and that typically bear dark, berrylike fruits. [3 definitions]
mulch a loose thin cover, esp. of organic matter such as leaves or manure, placed over or around the base of plants and shrubs to control evaporation, freezing, or weeds, or to fertilize the roots. [2 definitions]
mulct a fine, tax, or penalty. [3 definitions]
mule1 the sterile, hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse. [3 definitions]
mule2 a house slipper for women, with a raised heel but no back.
mule deer a long-eared deer of western North America.
muleskinner (informal) one who drives mules; muleteer.
muleta in bullfighting, a short red cape used by a matador to guide the bull just before the kill.
muleteer one who drives mules; muleskinner.
mulish like a mule in stubbornness, balkiness, or obstinacy.
mull1 to think something over; ponder. [2 definitions]
mull2 to heat (cider, wine, or ale) with added spices and sometimes sweetening.
mullah a Muslim religious teacher and sage (used as a title of respect).