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multicolumn combined form of column.
multicomponent combined form of component.
multiconductor combined form of conductor.
multicopy combined form of copy.
multicounty combined form of county.
multicourse combined form of course.
multicultural of, concerning, including, or directed toward several distinct cultures.
multicurrency combined form of currency.
multidecadal referring to or occurring on a time scale of multiple decades.
multidialectal combined form of dialectal.
multidimensional of, pertaining to, or including several dimensions.
multidirectional going or reaching out, or capable of doing so, in more than one direction.
multidisciplinary of, pertaining to, or involving several branches of scholarship or expertise.
multidiscipline combined form of discipline.
multidivisional combined form of divisional.
multidomain combined form of domain.
multidrug combined form of drug.
multidrug resistance the reduction in effectiveness of more than one drug in curing an infectious disease or cancer. Drug resistance typically develops when pathogenic cells or cancerous cells evolve the ability to tolerate drugs used to kill them.
multidrugresistant of or relating to a disease-causing agent, such as a pathogen or cancer, that has evolved the ability to tolerate more than one drug, or to a disease caused by such an agent.
multielectrode combined form of electrode.
multielement combined form of element.