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muscatel a sweet amber wine made from muscat grapes. [2 definitions]
muscle body tissue that controls movement of body parts by tightening and relaxing. [4 definitions]
musclebound having overdeveloped muscles and being stiff and inflexible as a result.
Muscovite a native or resident of Moscow. [2 definitions]
muscovite the most common mica found in several types of rocks, usu. colorless or silvery-white, used as an electrical insulator.
Muscovy duck a large crested duck of the Western Hemisphere that has been widely domesticated.
muscular of or relating to muscle. [2 definitions]
muscular dystrophy a noncontagious disease of unknown origin that causes progressive degeneration of the muscles.
musculature the muscular system of a body or body part.
musculoskeletal of, relating to, or involving the muscles and skeleton.
Muse in Greek mythology, any of the nine goddesses who preside over the arts and sciences. [2 definitions]
muse to ponder or meditate on something silently or at length.
musette a small French bagpipe of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries that is sounded by means of air supplied from a bellows. [2 definitions]
musette bag a small leather or canvas bag for toilet articles, carried by a shoulder strap.
museum an institution or building where collections of valuable historical or artistic objects are preserved and displayed.
mush1 a thick, soft cereal, usu. of corn meal boiled in water or milk. [3 definitions]
mush2 to travel over snow by means of a dog sled. [2 definitions]
musher one who travels with or drives a dog team, esp. over snow in cross-country sled races.
mushroom any of numerous edible or poisonous fungi, usu. with a fleshy, umbrella-shaped cap on a thin stalk. [7 definitions]
mushy soft and pulpy; resembling mush. [2 definitions]
music sound that has rhythm, melody, or harmony, usu. produced by voice or instrument. [5 definitions]