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musk ox a large arctic ox with long coarse hair, curved horns, and musk glands.
muskrat a large North American rodent that lives in and near water and has a long, scaly tail, webbed hind feet, and a musky odor. [2 definitions]
musk rose a rose of the Mediterranean region, bearing white, musk-scented flowers.
musk turtle any of a family of small aquatic turtles having a heavy, musky scent.
musky1 smelling of or resembling musk.
musky2 a muskellunge.
Muslim of or pertaining to the religion, culture, or civilization of Islam. [3 definitions]
muslin any of various sturdy cotton fabrics, usu. of plain weave, used for sheets, clothing, and the like.
muss (informal) a disorderly, confused condition; mess. [2 definitions]
mussel any of several bivalve mollusks that live in salt or fresh water.
Mussulman see "Muslim."
mussy (informal) untidy or rumpled; messy.
must1 to be obliged to because of natural law or physical requirements. [7 definitions]
must2 moldiness; staleness.
must3 grape juice prior to fermentation; unfermented wine.
mustache the hair that grows on a human's upper lip, esp. when it is allowed to grow and is groomed. [2 definitions]
mustachio a mustache, esp. a large luxuriant one.
mustang a wild horse of the western plains of North America, descended from Spanish stock.
mustard any of various plants native to Eurasia that bear yellow flowers and seed pods. [3 definitions]
mustard gas a liquid chemical-warfare agent that causes severe skin burns, damages the lungs, and can cause blindness and death.
mustard plaster a pungent medicinal paste made of powdered mustard and water that is spread on a cloth, steamed, and applied usu. to the chest to relieve congestion.