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Namibia an African country on the Atlantic coast between South Africa and Angola; formerly South-West Africa.
nana (informal) a grandmother or nursemaid (used mainly by infants).
nankeen a strong, durable, cotton cloth in buff or yellow, originally made of undyed Chinese cotton. [3 definitions]
nanny a children's nursemaid and supervisor.
nanny goat a female goat.
nano- one billionth.
nanometer a unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter; angstrom.
nanoparticle a microscopic particle with a size measured in nanometers.
nanoscale of a size measured in nanometers.
nanosecond a unit of time equal to one billionth of a second.
nanotechnology a field of study or endeavor concerned with the engineering of matter at the level of the atom or molecule.
nanotube a nanoscale tubular molecule, esp. of carbon.
nanowire a wire whose width is on the order of nanometers.
Nansen bottle an oceanographic device that takes a sample of water at a specified depth.
naos an ancient temple, or the inner part of such a temple, housing the statue of a deity.
nap1 to sleep briefly, esp. during daylight hours. [3 definitions]
nap2 a soft or furry surface on cloth or leather caused by raised, fuzzy fibers. [2 definitions]
napalm a highly flammable jelly containing aluminum soaps and gasoline, used in flame throwers and fire bombs. [2 definitions]
nape the back of the neck.
napery linens for use in the home, esp. table linens.
naphtha a colorless, flammable liquid distilled from coal or petroleum and used mainly as a solvent and cleaning agent.