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Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylonia in the sixth century B.C. who destroyed Jerusalem and sent the Jews into captivity.
nebula a cloud of interstellar dust or gas or both, that may appear as either a light or dark mass depending on how it absorbs, reflects, or re-emits incident radiation. [2 definitions]
nebular hypothesis a theory stating that the solar system was once a nebula that cooled and condensed to form the sun and planets.
nebulize to convert (liquid) to a fine spray.
nebulosity the matter or form of a nebula. [2 definitions]
nebulous hazy, confused, or indistinct. [2 definitions]
necessarily of necessity; inevitably.
necessary needed; essential. [5 definitions]
Necessary and Proper Clause the provision in the U.S. Constitution that Congress will have the power to make laws that are necessary and proper for executing the powers vested by the Constitution.
necessitate to make unavoidable or necessary.
necessitous in need; indigent. [2 definitions]
necessity a person or thing that is required or indispensable. [4 definitions]
neck the part of the body of both human beings and animals that connects the head with the trunk. [4 definitions]
neck and neck holding almost the same position; even.
neckband a band of material fastened to the neck of a garment. [2 definitions]
neckerchief a square of cloth folded and tied about the neck.
necklace jewelry worn around the neck, usu. consisting of beads or pieces of gems, metals, leather, wood, plastic, or the like strung on string, wire, or a leather thong.
neckline the shape formed by the upper edge of a garment at or below the neck.
neckpiece a scarf, esp. one made of fur.
neck-rein of a saddle horse, to turn in the opposite direction to the side of the neck that the rein presses on. [2 definitions]
necktie a strip of fabric worn around the neck, usu. by men, under the collar of a shirt and knotted at the throat.