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needless of no use; not wanted; unrequired.
needle valve a valve having a slender point that fits precisely into a conical seat, for accurately regulating the flow of fluid, as in a carburetor.
needlewoman a woman skilled in needlework; seamstress.
needlework work done with a needle, esp. fine or decorative sewing or embroidery. [2 definitions]
needn't contracted form of "need not."
needs of necessity; necessarily (usu. fol. or prec. by "must").
needy in need, usu. of physical necessities, but sometimes of affection or other forms of emotional sustenance.
ne'er contracted form of "never" (used chiefly in literature).
ne'er-do-well one who is lazy or irresponsible; good-for-nothing. [2 definitions]
nefarious very wicked; evil.
negate to render ineffective or invalid; nullify. [2 definitions]
negation the act, process, or result of negating; denial or nullification. [2 definitions]
negative expressing or consisting of a negation or denial. [14 definitions]
negative income tax a proposed governmental subsidy system in which people having an income below a specified level would receive money directly from the government.
negativism a chronic tendency toward skepticism or doubt.
neglect to pay too little or no attention to. [5 definitions]
neglectful tending to neglect; careless or negligent (often fol. by "of").
negligee a woman's dressing gown or robe, usu. long, full, and of a delicate, often translucent, fabric. [2 definitions]
negligence disregard of, omission of, or failure to do something necessary; carelessness or neglect, esp. when it is habitual. [2 definitions]
negligent guilty of neglecting, or tending to neglect. [2 definitions]
negligible so small or unimportant as to be of no account; trifling or insignificant.