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New England the six northeasternmost U.S. states; Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine.
New English Bible a translation of the Bible into modern idiomatic English based upon ancient Greek and other sources, that was published between 1961 and 1970.
newfangled of a new type or fashion, sometimes objectionably so.
new-found newly discovered or established.
Newfoundland an island in the Atlantic Ocean that is part of the eastern Canadian province officially named Newfoundland and Labrador. [3 definitions]
Newfoundland and Labrador an eastern Canadian province that occupies the Atlantic coast northeast of Quebec, and an island east of Quebec.
Newfoundland dog a type of very large dog with a dense, usu. black coat.
Newgate a prison in London that was razed in 1902.
New Guinea a large East Indies island north of Australia, occupied by an Indonesian province and Papua New Guinea. [2 definitions]
new halfpenny the official name of the halfpenny currently minted in the United Kingdom. (See halfpenny.)
New Hampshire a New England state between Vermont and Maine. (abbr.: NH) [2 definitions]
New High German the High German language since the sixteenth century.
New Jersey an eastern U.S. state on the Atlantic coast between New York and Delaware. (abbr.: NJ)
new journalism (sometimes cap.) a style of reporting characterized by the reporter's subjective interpretations and the insertion of dramatized, fictional events, conversations, and the like.
New Left a radical political movement from the 1960s advocating revolutionary changes in the political, social, and economic structure of society, esp. U.S. society.
newly recently. [3 definitions]
newlywed one who has recently married.
new math a system of teaching mathematics based on set theory, used in many U.S. elementary and secondary schools since the middle of the twentieth century.
New Mexico a southwestern U.S. state between Texas and Arizona. (abbr.: NM)
new moon the phase of the moon when it passes directly between the sun and the earth.
new penny the official name of the smaller monetary unit of the United Kingdom and Ireland. (See penny.)