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nictitating membrane a thin, transparent membrane that forms an inner eyelid on birds, reptiles, and some mammals, that can be closed to keep the eye clean and moist.
niddering (archaic) an honorless wretch; coward.
niece a daughter of one's brother or sister, or of one's brother-in-law or sister-in-law.
nifty (informal) attractive, stylish, admirable, or cleverly contrived.
Niger a north central African country between Algeria and Nigeria. [2 definitions]
Nigeria a country in West Africa on the Atlantic coast between Benin and Cameroon.
Nigerian of or pertaining to Nigeria or its people, culture, or the like. [2 definitions]
Niger River a long river in western Africa that begins in Guinea and flows through Mali and Niger. It then flows along the border between Niger and Benin, through Nigeria, and finally into the Atlantic Ocean.
niggard a very stingy person; miser. [2 definitions]
niggardly unwilling to spend, give, or share; miserly; stingy. [2 definitions]
nigger (offensive) a black person. [3 definitions]
niggerhead (outdated; offensive) a mounded clump of vegetation formed by roots and sedges, usually found in swamps and in the tundra; sedge hummock; tussock.
niggle to give too much attention to petty details and trivialities. [2 definitions]
niggling of little importance; petty. [2 definitions]
nigh close in position, time, or relationship; near. [3 definitions]
night the hours of darkness between sunset and dawn. [5 definitions]
night and day without rest or interruption; unceasingly or seemingly unceasingly.
night blindness abnormally weak vision in dim light or darkness, caused by a deficiency of vitamin A.
night-blooming cereus any of several American cacti bearing large, fragrant flowers that bloom at night.
nightcap (informal) an alcoholic drink taken shortly before bedtime. [3 definitions]
nightclothes garments worn in bed.