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nights during the night on a regular basis.
night school a school or classes held in the evening, esp. for students who cannot attend during the day.
nightshade any of several wild plants, often berry-bearing vines, some of whose berries are highly poisonous.
nightshirt a long loose shirt worn in bed.
night soil fertilizer composed of human excrement.
nightspot see "night club."
nightstand see "night table."
nightstick a club carried by a police officer; billy.
night table a small table or stand kept beside one's bed.
nighttime the time between sunset and dawn.
night vision one's ability to see at night or in low light.
night watch a watch or guard occurring during the night. [3 definitions]
nightwear garments worn to bed; nightclothes.
nighty variant of nightie.
nihilism a philosophy that holds that there is no objective basis for moral truths and therefore traditional values are meaningless. [3 definitions]
nihility the state of nonexistence or nothingness.
-nik (informal) one who supports or is connected or associated with (usu. derogatory).
Nike in Greek mythology, the goddess of victory; Victoria.
Nikita Khrushchev Soviet statesman and premier of the U.S.S.R. from 1958 to 1964, who denounced his predecessor, Joseph Stalin (b.1894--d.1971).
Nikola Tesla a Croatian-born U.S. inventor who developed alternating electric current (b.1856--d.1943).
nil nothing; zero.