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nitrogen dioxide a slightly toxic gas composed of nitrogen and oxygen, found in smog and automotive exhaust, and synthesized for use in nitration and oxidation, and as a catalyst.
nitrogen fixation any of various processes to convert atmospheric nitrogen into compounds with other elements, either naturally, as by bacteria, in leguminous plants or the soil, or chemically for industrial use, fertilizers, and the like.
nitrogenize to combine, treat, or impregnate with nitrogen.
nitrogen mustard any of a class of poisonous, burning compounds similar to mustard gas, used in treating cancer.
nitrogen oxide any of several compounds containing nitrogen and oxygen.
nitroglycerin a very explosive liquid used in making dynamite and other explosives and in dilating arteries to treat angina.
nitrosamine any of various organic compounds, some of which are carcinogenic, that derive from amines and are found in a wide variety of substances.
nitrous of, like, containing, or pertaining to compounds containing or derived from niter. [2 definitions]
nitrous acid an unstable, inorganic nitrogen compound that occurs only in solution or in its salts as nitrites.
nitrous oxide a colorless, nonflammable, inorganic gas with a sweet taste and smell, used as an anesthetic; laughing gas.
nitty full of lice or lice eggs.
nitty-gritty (informal) the fundamental elements, issues, details, or the like.
nitwit (informal) a dimwitted, foolish, or stupid person.
NJ abbreviation of "New Jersey," an eastern U.S. state on the Atlantic coast between New York and Delaware.
NLRB abbreviation of "National Labor Relations Board."
NM abbreviation of "New Mexico," a southwestern U.S. state between Texas and Arizona.
NNE abbreviation of "north-northeast," a point on the compass halfway between north and northeast.
NNW abbreviation of "north-northwest," a point on the compass halfway between north and northwest.
No symbol of the chemical element nobelium.
no1 a negative used as a denial, disagreement, or refusal. [7 definitions]
no2 not any. [2 definitions]