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NOAA abbreviation of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
no-account of little worth; no good.
Noah according to the Old Testament, the Hebrew patriarch who was commanded by God to build an ark on which to board his family and two of every kind of creature to save them from the great flood that was to engulf the world.
Nobelist a winner of the Nobel prize.
nobelium a synthetic radioactive chemical element of the actinide series that has 102 protons in each nucleus. (symbol: No)
Nobel prize any of the international prizes awarded annually for achievements in physics, chemistry, economics, medicine or physiology, literature, and the promotion of peace, by a Swedish foundation established according to the bequest of Alfred Nobel.
nobility the persons of noble rank or status in a country collectively; aristocracy. [2 definitions]
noble of, concerning, or belonging to a class of society that bears hereditary titles of rank or status; aristocratic. [4 definitions]
nobleman a man of noble status or birth, such as a baron, count, marquess, or duke, or any male descendant of such of a person.
noblesse oblige the presumption that wealthy, aristocratic, or powerful people have an obligation to behave charitably and honorably, esp. towards people who are less fortunate.
noblewoman a woman of noble status or birth, such as the wife or descendant of a baron, count, or duke.
nobody no one; no person; not anybody. [2 definitions]
nobody's fool one who is difficult to deceive.
nock the notch at each end of a bow that holds the bowstring. [4 definitions]
nocti- night.
noctuid any of a large group of moths that are dull in color, fly at night, and produce destructive larvae such as cutworms and armyworms.
nocturnal of, concerning, or occurring in the night. [3 definitions]
nocturne a musical or artistic composition that portrays or suggests night or a dreamlike state.
nod to move the head up and down as an indication of assent, greeting, or approval. [7 definitions]
nodding acquaintance a slight acquaintance with someone or something, or someone with whom one has such a relationship.
noddy any of a group of related tropical terns with dark bodies and pale heads. [2 definitions]