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no matter what regardless of the cost or of what might happen.
nom de guerre war name (French); an assumed name; pseudonym.
nom de plume a fictitious name adopted by an author; pen name.
Nome a U.S. city in northwestern Alaska.
nomenclature a specialized system or set of names and terms used in a particular science, art, or other field of study or training.
nominal in name alone. [4 definitions]
nominally by or according to name; in name; purportedly.
nominal wages wages expressed in terms of money paid, rather than in terms of purchasing power. (Cf. real wages.)
nominate to propose (a person) as a candidate for election or appointment. [2 definitions]
nomination the act of nominating, or the fact or condition of being nominated, esp. for office.
nominative nominated or appointed, as a candidate or official. [4 definitions]
nominee a person or thing that has been nominated, as for an office or honor.
-nomy system of laws for or sum of knowledge about a particular field.
non- not; absence of; failure to.
nona- nine.
nonabrasive combined form of abrasive.
nonabsorbable combined form of absorbable.
nonabsorbent combined form of absorbent.
nonabsorptive combined form of absorptive.
nonabstract combined form of abstract.
nonacademic combined form of academic.