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nonenforceability combined form of enforceability.
nonenforcement combined form of enforcement.
nonengagement combined form of engagement.
nonengineering combined form of engineering.
nonentertainment combined form of entertainment.
nonentity someone or something that is insignificant, dull, undistinguished, or unimportant, esp. a person. [3 definitions]
nonequilibrium combined form of equilibrium.
nonequivalence combined form of equivalence.
nonequivalent combined form of equivalent.
nonerotic combined form of erotic.
nones in the ancient Roman calendar, the ninth day before the ides of each month, such as March 7, the ninth day before March 15.
nonessential not necessary or important; unessential. [2 definitions]
nonestablished combined form of established.
nonestablishment combined form of establishment.
nonesuch a person or thing that has no equal; someone or something uniquely excellent, skilled, beautiful, or the like.
nonet a musical composition for nine instruments, or the nine players that perform it.
nonetheless despite the foregoing; still; nevertheless.
nonethical combined form of ethical.
nonethnic combined form of ethnic.
non-Euclidean of or designating any geometry not based on the postulates of Euclid.
non-European combined form of European.