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novitiate the condition or period of being a novice. [3 definitions]
Novocaine trademark for a drug, procaine, used as a local anesthetic esp. during dental work.
NOW abbreviation of "National Organization for Women."
now at this moment; at present; currently. [11 definitions]
nowadays during these present times. [2 definitions]
now and again sometimes; occasionally.
now and then sometimes but not regularly; occasionally.
noway in no way; not at all; nowise.
nowhere not anywhere; in no place. [5 definitions]
no-win having no possibility of success or winning.
nowise in no way or degree; not at all.
noxious harmful, dangerous, or destructive, esp. to health. [2 definitions]
nozzle a short, narrow spout or tube fitted to the end of a hose, pipe, or the like, to control and direct a flow or spray of liquid or gas.
Np symbol of the chemical element neptunium.
NRA abbreviation of "National Rifle Association."
NSAID a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.
-n't not (a contracted form used with certain verbs).
nth of, related to, or being an indefinitely large number, the last in an infinite series of increasing or decreasing values. [3 definitions]
nu the name of the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.
nuance a subtle quality or difference in tone, meaning, color, or the like; shade.
nub a knob or knoblike protuberance. [3 definitions]