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Np symbol of the chemical element neptunium.
NRA abbreviation of "National Rifle Association."
NSAID a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.
-n't not (a contracted form used with certain verbs).
nth of, related to, or being an indefinitely large number, the last in an infinite series of increasing or decreasing values. [3 definitions]
nu the name of the thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet.
nuance a subtle quality or difference in tone, meaning, color, or the like; shade.
nub a knob or knoblike protuberance. [3 definitions]
nubbin a small, stunted ear of corn, piece of fruit, or the like. [2 definitions]
nubble a small knob or lump; a little nub.
nubbly full of or covered with small knobs or lumps.
nubby having or covered with nubs or nubbles.
nubile of an age or physical condition suited to marriage; marriageable. [2 definitions]
nucha the nape of the neck. [2 definitions]
nuclear in physics and biology, of, relating to, or being an atomic nucleus. [3 definitions]
nuclear emulsion any of several photographic emulsions used to record the tracks of charged subatomic particles.
nuclear energy energy released from atomic nuclei, as in nuclear fission or fusion.
nuclear family a self-contained unit consisting of a father and mother and their children living together in one household. (Cf. extended family.)
nuclear fission the splitting of an atomic nucleus into lighter fragments, usu. two of comparable mass, with an accompanying release of energy, as in the explosion of an atomic bomb.
nuclear fusion the fusion of atomic nuclei into a more massive nucleus, accompanied by a release of energy, as in the explosion of a hydrogen bomb.
nuclear physics the branch of physics that deals with the forces, behaviors, and structures of atomic nuclei.