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nun2 the name of the fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Nunavut a territory in northern Canada created from eastern portions of the Northwest Territories in the late 1990s.
Nunc Dimittis a canticle beginning with these Latin words, used in the Christian liturgy.
nuncio the pope's official representative to a government.
nunnery a home for female members of a religious order; convent.
nuptial of or relating to a wedding ceremony or to marriage. [2 definitions]
nurse someone who cares for the sick or feeble, esp. under the guidance of a doctor. [11 definitions]
nursemaid a woman who is paid to care for young children.
nurse practitioner a registered nurse with advanced training who specializes in certain medical practices or therapies under the auspices of a doctor.
nursery a room where babies or young children sleep or play. [3 definitions]
nurseryman one who grows plants or young trees, often for sale.
nursery rhyme a short, simple, usu. rhymed song or poem for young children.
nursery school a school for children below kindergarten age.
nursery-web spider any of the species of spiders, the females of which build a web for their young and stand guard next to it.
nurse's office in a school, the office of the school's nurse, where students go for assistance if they are injured or do not feel well during school.
nursing home a residence, usu. operated as a public or commercial enterprise, that offers nursing care to the disabled, elderly, or the like.
nursling a suckling baby or young animal. [2 definitions]
Nur-Sultan the capital city of Kazakhstan, formerly called Astana.
nurture to care for and encourage the growth and development of (a living thing). [6 definitions]
nut a dry seed or fruit composed of a usu. edible kernel, or "meat," encased in a woody or leathery shell. [7 definitions]
nut case (slang) one who is unbalanced or crazy.