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nut a dry seed or fruit composed of a usu. edible kernel, or "meat," encased in a woody or leathery shell. [7 definitions]
nut case (slang) one who is unbalanced or crazy.
nutcracker a hinged implement for cracking the shell of a nut.
nutgall a nut-shaped protuberance caused by parasitic wasps, esp. on oak trees.
nuthatch any of various small birds with a short tail, a long, narrow, sharp beak, and agility in climbing about on tree trunks and branches in search of insects.
nutmeat the edible portion of a nut.
nutmeg the fragrant seed of an evergreen East Indian tree or of similar trees, often ground and used as a spice. [2 definitions]
nutpick a small, thin, usu. metal rod with a sharp point, used to pick the meat of a nut from its shell.
nutria a South American water animal similar to the beaver; coypu. [2 definitions]
nutrient providing or being food; having nourishing qualities. [2 definitions]
nutrient-dense (of food) having a high level of nutrients compared to the calories consumed.
nutriment something that nourishes; food substance.
nutrition the act or process of ingesting and using nutrients or of providing nourishment. [3 definitions]
nutritional of, pertaining to, or containing food substances that are used by the body for strength and health or to the amounts of these substances that foods provide. [3 definitions]
nutritionist a person trained in the study of nutrition, and often employed to apply it to people's needs, as in a hospital.
nutritious containing a large proportion or a high concentration of nutrients.
nutritive nourishing; nutritious. [2 definitions]
nuts (informal) crazy; absurd; nonsensical. [2 definitions]
nuts and bolts (informal) the basic, practical elements or aspects of something; essentials.
nutshell the hard outer covering of a nut.
nutty containing or bearing many nuts. [3 definitions]