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O2 symbol of the chemical element oxygen.
o the fifteenth letter of the English alphabet. [4 definitions]
o- away; against.
oaf a stupid, rudely unpleasant, or bumbling person; blockhead.
oak a tree that belongs to the beech family and bears acorns. [2 definitions]
oak apple a harmless, applelike gall produced on oak trees by the larvae of a type of wasp.
oak-leaf cluster a small bronze or silver cluster of oak leaves and acorns worn on the ribbon of a medal to signify multiple awardings of the same medal.
oaktag sturdy cardboard used for posters, folders, and the like; tagboard.
oakum loose rope fiber, often treated with tar, used to caulk seams in wooden ships.
oar a long pole, broad and flat at one end, that is used to row, or sometimes steer, a boat. [4 definitions]
oarfish any of several large slender ocean fish, ranging in length from about twelve to almost thirty feet, that have a dorsal fin along the entire length of the back and a red-tipped, manelike crest at the back of the head.
oarlock on a boat, a U-shaped or ringlike device that acts as a holder and pivot for an oar.
oarsman someone who rows a boat.
OAS abbreviation of "Organization of American States."
oasis an area of vegetation in the midst of a desert, fed by a spring or well. [2 definitions]
oast a kiln used for drying and curing tobacco or for drying hops or malt.
oat (usu. pl.; used with a sing. or pl. verb) a grain plant widely raised in cool climates, or any of several similar plants. [2 definitions]
oatcake a thin, flat, brittle cake made of oatmeal.
oath a solemn pledge to do something, esp. a promise to tell the truth, as in a court of law. [4 definitions]
oatmeal meal made by grinding or rolling oats. [2 definitions]
ob- to; toward; before. [4 definitions]