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objectivism the idea that all reality exists outside the mind in the tangible world perceived by the senses. [2 definitions]
objectivity the quality of being unbiased or without prejudice. [3 definitions]
objectivize to objectify.
objectless having no object, goal, or purpose; aimless.
object lesson a concrete, practical demonstration or illustration of a moral precept or ethical principle.
objet d'art (French) an object, usu. small, that has artistic or decorative value; bibelot.
objurgate to criticize sharply; rebuke vehemently; berate.
oblanceolate having a broad and rounded top and a tapered base, as certain leaves. (Cf. lanceolate.)
oblast an administrative region of Russia, or of the former Soviet Union, or of some of its former republics.
oblate of a spheroid, being somewhat flattened at the poles. (Cf. prolate.)
oblation a religious or charitable offering. [2 definitions]
obligate to bind legally or morally; constrain. [3 definitions]
obligation the act of binding oneself legally or morally to do or to refrain from doing something; contract. [5 definitions]
obligatory binding in a moral or legal sense. [2 definitions]
oblige to cause to feel bound to do something or to act in a certain way. [4 definitions]
obliging ready to help or do favors for.
oblique not parallel or at right angles to a line or plane; slanting or inclined. [5 definitions]
oblique angle any angle that is not a right angle; acute or obtuse angle.
obliterate to erase or make unrecognizable by erasing. [2 definitions]
oblivion the state or condition of being entirely forgotten. [2 definitions]
oblivious not conscious or paying attention; unknowing or unaware (usu. fol. by "to" or "of"). [2 definitions]