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OCS1 abbreviation of "Officer Candidate School."
OCS2 abbreviation of "Old Church Slavonic."
Oct. abbreviation of "October," the tenth month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty-one days.
oct- a variant of octo-.
octa- a variant of octo-.
octagon a two-dimensional figure with eight sides and eight angles; octangle.
octahedron a three-dimensional figure with eight flat surfaces.
octane any of a group of oily, colorless isomeric hydrocarbons, some of which are obtained during the distillation of petroleum. [2 definitions]
octane number a number that designates the antiknock properties of a gasoline, based on the percentage of isooctane in it; octane rating.
octane rating see "octane number."
octant an eighth of a circle, or the arc or area it includes. [4 definitions]
octave a musical tone eight full tones above or below another tone, with twice or half as many vibrations per second as the other tone. [5 definitions]
octavo a page or book size resulting from folding a printer's sheet of paper into eight leaves, each about six inches by nine inches.
octet a group of eight singers or musicians. [3 definitions]
octillion the number represented by the Arabic numeral 1027. [2 definitions]
octo- eight.
October the tenth month of the Gregorian calendar year, having thirty-one days.
October Revolution see "Russian Revolution."
octogenarian being, of, or pertaining to one that is between eighty and ninety years old. [2 definitions]
octopus any of several related carnivorous sea animals with a soft, rounded body and eight long tentacles with two rows of suckers on each. [2 definitions]
octoroon a person whose ancestry is one eighth black.