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oculist formerly, an ophthalmologist. [2 definitions]
oculomotor designating the nerves that supply the muscles that move each eyeball.
OD abbreviation of "overdose."
odalisque a female slave or concubine in a harem.
odd different from what is expected or customary; strange. [7 definitions]
oddball (informal) a person or thing that is unconventional or eccentric. [2 definitions]
oddity a peculiar or puzzling thing, person, or event. [2 definitions]
odd man out any outsider; one who has been excluded. [2 definitions]
oddment a leftover or isolated item; one item among several odds and ends. [2 definitions]
odd number a whole number that cannot be divided exactly by 2.
odds the probability that one thing is more likely to happen than another. [4 definitions]
odds and ends miscellaneous items; bits and pieces; scraps.
oddsmaker a person, usu. an expert, who calculates the odds in betting.
odds-on having an even or more than even chance at winning or succeeding, as in a horserace or athletic contest.
-ode1 something that resembles (whatever is specified).
-ode2 way or path. [2 definitions]
ode a long, elaborate, usu. rhymed lyrical poem, often in praise or celebration of something or someone, and usu. in a lofty and enthusiastic style. [2 definitions]
Odessa port city in southern Ukraine on the Black Sea.
Odin in Scandinavian mythology, the supreme god, and the god of war, death, wisdom, and poetry.
odious provoking or deserving of hatred; loathsome or repellent.
odium hatred, strong dislike, or repugnance. [3 definitions]